Taking Culture and Hertiage Engagement on Location



HistoryLens increases footfall, public engagement and return visitors through public awareness of existing facilities and attractions, social media marketing and reporting and statistics.

The inherent power of place, for the first time, enables content to be told with context – putting digital collections back into the landscape and creating a holistic experience.

The future of the visitor experience is enhanced through engaging with the new digitally-aware demographic audience. HistoryLens provides an immersive experience they may share and take home can heighten visitor enjoyment.



HistoryLens can be offered direct to clients or via heritage consultants as an additional solution on top of the traditional interpretative solutions. This creates value-add to proposals and allows for a whole experience to be delivered.

HistoryLens expands a culture and heritage interpretation portfolio, facilitating organisational outreach and fulfilling community engagement in 21st century channels.



For the public – the end users, HistoryLens provides a familiar and personal immersive experience that also enables social sharing. Access to multimedia content, before, during and after their visit to the area creates an experience that isn’t just about being at the attraction. It is the offline interaction that is the glue between the home and the location information.

The app is engaging and focussed on visitor interests allowing for self-discovery and exploration without the need to read or follow a map.