Taking Culture and Hertiage Engagement on Location


Arriving at a heritage destination such as an estate, garden, town or city, battle site or walking route, the app will guide you based on where you are. For example, if you walk past a ruined building, HistoryLens can supply you with a wealth of information about the buildings history, including an amazing Augmented Reality (AR) view of what the building may have looked like in the past.

HistoryLens can guide you around an area using interactive maps or intuitive AR navigation to discover local points of interest. You can also follow trails, based on your chosen theme (for example historical, ecological or cultural) by driving, walking or cycling. AR is a fun and new way to explore a locality seeing what is around you and where to go next without needing a map or knowing how to read one!

Uniquely HistoryLens can use GPS to automatically alert you to when you near an interpretation hotspot. Unlike conventional follow-the-trail guides, the freedom to explore brings self-discovery such as passing an unusual landmark and hearing a story from its history your personal guide in your pocket. View a 3D reconstruction, listen to a narration, read about its origins and view an image or video.

These guides and stories can also be told in new ways with 3D, turning your journey into a multi-sensory participation as well as a destination. There may have been fossils found here and excavated long ago; removed to a museum archive, locked behind glass. HistoryLens allows you to explore and interact with them as if they are actually there in front of you.

HistoryLens brings exhibits to back life, returning them to their original location, allowing you to truly engage with history.